Every so often I find myself in a situation where I can’t remember a password, and instead of trying each and every one of perhaps twenty passwords I use in various places, I can just open up Keychain Access from the Utilities folder and find what I need quickly and easily.

I like to select the “All Items” category on the left side of the screen, and then use the Spotlight-style search box on the top right of the screen. For example, if I needed to log into an AirPort base station I haven’t accessed in a year, I would search “base station” and Keychain Access would then display all the AirPort base stations I’ve ever accessed. The nice thing about this program (which is found on every single Mac made in the last four years or so) is that it requires only one password to give you access to all the others.

Another great feature of Keychain Access is the Secure Notes section. This allows you to jot down confidential information that’s protected behind a password.


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