Dear Friends,

I’m back in the beautiful (but soaked) Green Mountains. We had a wonderful trip through the south and had great visits to three extraordinary Apple Specialists: Springboard Media in Philadelphia, PA, PeachMac in Athens, GA and MacAuthority in Nashville, TN.

In between, we had some extraordinary motorcycle riding and a lot of fun. One unique thing in our industry is the level of cooperation and collaboration between Apple Specialists. There is a lot of sharing of ideas and best practices and I have always found my colleagues in this industry to be willing partners in making our businesses better.

Both MacAuthority and PeachMac were gearing up for their tax-free holidays and we are starting to stock up for our August 22nd tax holiday here in Vermont. On that day only, Vermonters will not have to pay tax on their purchases up to $2,000. We are stocking up with products and even if you are not in Vermont to save the tax, we will have some great bargains and bundles for that day. See our Tax Holiday FAQ here.

I had an experience of extraordinary customer service on my way into Philly. My motorcycle lost its clutch. I’d pull on the lever and nothing would happen. This is not a problem when you are moving, but try getting a motorcycle going once it has stopped! I thought I had broken a cable, but when I realized that I had a hydraulic clutch, I knew it was more serious. Using my GPS, I located the nearest Victory dealer who just happened to be open on a Sunday afternoon and who volunteered to pull a slave cylinder off of a new motorcycle so that we would be able to get on our way. Paws up to Rollin’ Fast Cycle in Lebanon, NJ—they get it!

I missed a few new product announcements while I was on the road—Final Cut Studio, Logic and the 2TB Time Capsule—and learned that “deflagrates” is a financial term as referenced in Ed’s coverage of Apple’s spectacular quarterly financials results.


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