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It’s hard for many to believe just how dog-friendly our workplace is. Many customers ask on the phone or in person whether we really have dogs running around all day, and I reply with a straight face and unwavering voice that we do. At our Waitsfield headquarters there are usually ten or eleven dogs spread around the company, and sometimes even fifteen or sixteen when Laika, Molly, Arlo, BJ, or Buddy spend the day.

Rebecca, Small Dog technician, consultant and frequent Tech Tails contributor, made videos of the dogs in action and posted them on YouTube using her iPhone 3GS over the past few weeks.

See them here!

Vermont’s semi-traditional Tax Holiday is fast approaching. You can buy up to $2,000 in goods and save up to 7% in sales tax on August 22nd. We are taking pre-orders that can be paid for and picked up on the 22nd both over the phone and in our stores. With great bundles, printer rebates, and other specials, there simply is no better time to switch to Mac or upgrade your older one. (By the way, if your order ships outside of Vermont, it’s always tax-free.)

If your PowerPC Mac came with Tiger (Mac OS X 10.4) installed from the factory, this will be your last chance to trade it in. Of course, all Intel-based Macs qualify for trade-in as well. For more information visit Smalldog.com/tradein or email tradein@smalldog.com.

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