I wrote last week about Owen’s skunking. Unfortunately, he’s not the only dog around here that’s been sprayed—Hapy’s dog Magnus and Damian’s dog Ernie both got it in the last week. Owen was even worse off after his second spraying in a 3-day span, but without the feedback of Tech Tails readers, I would’ve just kept using Nature’s Miracle, which is not really miraculous.

About forty of you wrote to me with the answer: hydrogen peroxide, baking soda, and a little dish soap. I used this formula after the second spraying and it worked wonders. Almost immediately, the skunk smell dissipated from Owen when I applied the mixture. I tested a hidden section of carpet at home with this, but it had a bleaching effect so at this point it’s just Nature’s Miracle on the carpets until the smell goes away.

I love getting mail from readers—let me know of your ideas for a future article!


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