“Push” mail, contacts and calendar.
MobileMe is the cloud that stores this information so that your Macs and iPhone are always synced with the latest information. You add a contact on your phone from someone you have just met and it is automatically synced back to your Mac.

You work on your calendar on the office and you do not have to worry about having the most current calendar when you are setting a date on the road. This push technology alone is worth the price of admission, but there is a lot more to MobileMe.

Sharing your photos.
Let’s just say you came back from an exciting trip and have a bunch of photos you want to share. From iPhoto, you simply select the photos and if you have a MobileMe account you just click a button and you have a Gallery to share with your friends that is hosted on your MobileMe account. Your friends and family can download the pictures or even add shots to complete your album.

iDisk is basically your own storage available anywhere. Think of it as your hard drive on the internet where you can store files, share files, allow people to send you files easily and to be able to access large files anywhere you have access to the internet. The basic membership in MobileMe gives you 20GB of storage but you can also purchase more if you need. You can use this storage to host your own website that you created in iWeb and MobileMe even gives you the ability to have your own personal domain name.

You can see mine at www.donmayer.org.

There is a lot more to MobileMe but those are my top three favorite parts about my membership. I highly recommend MobileMe as being an essential part of your toolbox.

It’s a bargain at $99 a year for all of the features and functionality it brings to your digital life. Plus, you can get started with MobileMe for 20% off instantly when you buy a new Mac!


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