This week I have a few more Snow Leopard enhancements to share with you.

The Date and Time Preference Pane now has an option to automatically set the time zone based on your location. It’s a thoughtful enhancement that will appeal to anyone who travels often. To enable this feature, open Date and Time from System Preferences, click on the Time Zone button, and then click the box next to “Set time zone automatically using current location.”

OpenCL is a technology that essentially allows graphics cards to function as additional processors. For applications written with OpenCL support, adding a graphics card to your Mac Pro is like upgrading its processor: that program will show an immediate speed bump. In fact, if you fill your Mac Pro with graphics cards in each of the expansion slots, you can make a massive difference in computing power! This enhancement is completely transparent and requires no configuration – just programs that are written to take advantage of it.

Many multifunction printers and standalone scanners come with inelegant software previously needed to use the device. Preview in Snow Leopard has a new item in the File menu: Import from Scanner. You can even scan over the network, with a scanner or multifunction printer plugged into your AirPort Extreme, Time Capsule, or AirPort Express! With the device plugged into your network or directly in to your computer, simply open Preview and select Import from Scanner from the File menu. No configuration needed!


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