Apple released iTunes 9 two weeks ago to much acclaim. iTunes 9 introduced some huge improvements and new features to the player we already know and love, including Home Sharing and iPhone/iPod touch app management. (Read our overview here.)

Along with a new categorization structure, we can also now do what I’ve wanted to be able to do since iTunes’ inception—sort by Artist in the first column. (Why would I want to view by song first if I’m going to sort by artist anyway??)

While, I couldn’t have been happier about that, I quickly discovered that my reliable green minimize button NO LONGER produced the Mini Player. I figured it must have been a mistake—why would Apple do something like that after all this time? Pressing the Option key in addition to the green button wasn’t that big of a deal, but seriously…

Turns out, I wasn’t the only one annoyed by that, and Apple did a Mini Player about-face with the 9.0.1 update—the green ‘minimize’ feature is back. Now I can go back to obsessing about my Album Art and direct my outrage elsewhere. Or as they say, keep calm and carry on.

(iTunes 9.0.1 also fixes an issue where it becomes unresponsive or unexpectedly quits. I guess that’s important, too.)

We’ll be writing more about the features of iTunes 9 in future issues; to download it, check for updates in iTunes or click the following:

iTunes 9 for Mac and PC (it’s free, of course.)


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