Last week I was checking out the SDE YouTube channel and was shocked to see so many hits and awesome comments on some of the tech videos that I’ve done. Thanks so much for the great feedback and support! I’ve been wanting to get more videos out there and found some time to make a new three-part video on replacing the keyboard on a MacBook Pro.

Keyboards are one of the least expensive components to replace on a MacBook Pro, and, due to the abuse many keyboards take, they’re one of the most commonly replaced as well. Frequently we get machines in the shop that were the victims of coffee, wine, beer and other colorful liquid spills. While the keyboard itself might be inexpensive, the labor to install it can get fairly pricey so folks who are handy, and understand they’re voiding their warranty, might feel like attempting this repair on their own.

Keep in mind that these videos are meant as educational tools only and to perform the repair yourself does take some skill and the proper tools. In other words, if you attempt to do this yourself I highly encourage you to watch the videos all the way through before attempting the repair and if you don’t feel confident please don’t try it. There’s always a chance of doing damage when you attempt your own repairs and neither Apple nor Small Dog will cover your butt if you damage your machine.

So, without further ado:
MacBook Pro Keyboard Replacement, Pt 1
MacBook Pro Keyboard Replacement, Pt 2
MacBook Pro Keyboard Replacement, Pt 3

Good luck and be on the lookout for more upcoming videos!


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