We’ve long offered very competitively priced screen replacement service for the “old” style MacBooks and MacBook Pros. Apple charges over $1200 for a MacBook Pro screen, while Small Dog charges about 45% less; MacBook screen replacement through Apple is around $700, while Small Dog’s price is just under $400.

I spent some time today trying to figure out how to remove the glass covering from unibody MacBook screens. We had a few in the South Burlington service facility with broken unibody screens just begging to be tinkered with. I used a large suction cup on the corner of the glass itself, and another on the rear housing directly behind it. I applied firm, steady outward pressure and before I knew it, the glass was nicely separated from the screen frame. The display itself came out of the housing with a little coaxing. In all, it took far less time than I thought it would.

The good news is that I can now source displays and glass panels for all unibody MacBooks. This translates to huge savings for you if you ever find yourself with a broken screen or glass—we should be able to offer glass replacement for well under $100! Keep an eye on Barkings for the announcement!


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