Greetings, ghouls…

We’re at it again this year, and we need your help picking the best costume of all the Small Doggers. This year, we’re also giving away a Chill Pill to one lucky voter, who will be picked at random.

Here’s how to play:

  1. View photos of the costume contest contenders by clicking the links below. (To see all costumes and Halloween photos, click here.)
  2. Vote for your favorite costume on the poll below (after the photos).
  3. Once you’ve voted, email us at to be entered into the Chill Pill drawing!

Voting will end Sunday night!

2009 Costume Contestants
Art, “Wicked Twine Tangle Monster” Photo
Brian, “Mike Myers” Photo
David, “Monty Python Lumberjack” Photo
Don, “Hippo” Photo
Ed, “Eddie Munster” Photo
Kali, Emily, Kerry, Lucie and Rebecca, “Mad Dog Derby Dames” Photo
Gary, “Rocker” Photo
Hapy, “Tinky Winky” Photo
Jaime, “Party Granny” Photo
Jason, “Aquaman” Photo
Jim, Groucho Marx” Photo
JJ, “Pirate” Photo
Jon, “Biker” Photo
Katie, “Don” Photo
Mark, “The Health Care Meltdown” Photo
Matt, “Tired” Photo
Michelle, “PC” Photo
Taylor, “Austin Powers” Photo
Tim, “Freakshow” from Harold and Kumar go to White Castle Photo

Happy Halloween and thanks for voting!!

Votes are only registered once, and multiple email entries for the contest will be disqualified. By entering, you may receive notification of future contests and specials from Small Dog Electronics.

Also, vote for us! Oops… can we say that?


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