I love using tabs—even though I’m lucky to use a 30” display at work, I still find that it’s the best way to maximize my desktop space and workflow. I use them in just about any application I can. Most of you are probably aware that tabs are a useful aspect of a web browser, but this tip makes Safari especially great.

Safari allows you to save a set of tabs in your bookmarks. If you have several tabs open that you use fairly often, you can save the set to be opened at any time. I find I use this every week to set up our newsletters—I simply have a bookmark in my Bookmarks Bar that says “Kibbles” and it automatically opens all associated tabs I use.

Here’s how:

  • When you have all the tabs open you want to save in a window, select Bookmark > Add Bookmark for…
  • Safari will prompt you to save the group in your bookmarks.
  • Name it what you want, save it and then click your new bookmark when you’re ready to view your tabs!

You’ll be able to differentiate saved tabs bookmarks from regular ones by the small square icon next to the name. And I thought bookmark folders in Safari were the best thing since sliced bread…!


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