I’ve written time and time again about how I love screen real estate. I use a high-resolution 17-inch MacBook Pro and a 23-inch Cinema Display, but still want more space. Unfortunately, no Apple laptop has built-in support for more than one external display. When I heard about a USB to DVI adapter I was skeptical to say the least, but once I tried this adapter I was an instant believer.

The adapter is a small black box with a USB cable on one end and a DVI port on the other. It requires an Intel-based Macintosh and is Snow Leopard compatible, and there’s little more to do than install the software and plug it in. From there you can configure your third display as any other. But you’re not limited to just three displays – you’re limited only by the number of available USB ports. I imagine this device would work plugged into a USB hub, but things will probably get quite choppy.

The VillageTronic ViBook adapter supports resolutions up to 1680,1050 (typical resolution for a 22” to 23” display) and a higher-end version, the ViBook+, supports resolutions up to 1920×1200 (typical for a 24” to 28” display).


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