Making the switch from a Windows PC to a Mac can be both liberating and daunting. It’s great moving to a secure intuitive operating system with trusted (and beautiful) hardware, but what about transferring the data? Luckily, that process is easier than you might think.

Today’s tip is specifically about transferring your iTunes Library from a PC to the Mac. This process assumes that you have set up a fresh user on the Mac and have not begun using the iTunes program on your Mac yet. If you’re running a recent version of iTunes on your PC (suggested to use iTunes 9 or higher, though some earlier versions work with this technique as well) then the process is as easy as drag-n-drop.

Simply copy your ‘iTunes’ folder to an external hard drive by right-clicking on the ‘iTunes’ folder and select “move to” then select your external drive as the destination. Depending on what version of Windows you’re running, and how you’ve configured your machine, the ‘iTunes’ folder can typically be found within ‘My Documents’->‘My Music’.

Next, safely remove your hard drive from the PC, plug it in to your Mac, and drag the ‘iTunes’ folder to the ‘Music’ folder located within your Home Folder (the folder with your username and the little house icon next to it). Once the copy is complete, launch iTunes.

Since this should be the first time you’ve opened iTunes on the Mac, it will walk you through a brief setup assistant. One question asks if you’d like iTunes to organize the library for you. I suggest checking the option to leave your folder intact; do not have it organize the music for you.

Once iTunes finishes the setup, you should see all of your music, movies, podcasts, applications and playlists just the way you like them! It should be identical to how it was on the PC. Hope that tip keeps you rockin’ with your new Mac!


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