Here’s my annual set of predictions for the new year.

bq.Thank a hen in 2010
Do it again in 2010
Have a friend in 2010
Begin again in 2010


I was 0-4 last year as the Cubs and Bears really sucked and the Blackhawks and Celtics did not advance. Maybe I should stick to local sports.

  • MLB Baseball: Yes, I am a fanatical Cubs fan. My mother used to use Wrigley Field as a daycare center and drop my brother and I off for games as we lived near the friendly confines. I have a Cubs tattoo on my shoulder and yes, I will once again predict that with new ownership will come a new found team spirit and finally a World Series Championship.
  • NBA Basketball: The Celtics are banged up right now, but if they can get healthy, I think they are the team to beat! Celtics over the Lakers in 7.
  • NFL Football: The Bears are out of it, so I’m going with the New Orleans Saints for the Superbowl.
  • NHL Hockey: I am going back to my standard—who cares?

WNBA – I see the Phoenix Mercury led by Diana Taurasi (WNBA Player of the Decade) repeating as WNBA Champs!


It will be another warm winter in Vermont with only one day where the temperatures stay below 0° F all day. This year we will have one huge snowfall over 36 inches that will slow things down for a few hours.

It will, however, be an early spring with early April motorcycling.

This coming summer in Vermont will be one of the best with little rain after June 15th and warm temperatures cooled by mountain breezes.

The western states will see a very hot and unusually dry summer.


Health Care reform will pass and both the left and right will howl. States will have some freedom to experiment with other more comprehensive health care reform. Vermont will lead the way with a public option and true universal coverage.

Afghanistan is not going to work. The new policy of increasing troop levels will need revision in the light of an expanded non-geographically limited war.

Iran will test a nuclear weapon, triggering ineffective sanctions.

Relations with Cuba will continue to thaw.

There will be renewed peace talks between Israel and the Palestinians after Israel signs a peace treaty with Syria and halts settlement construction.

Global Warming will continue to be talked about but no significant action taken. Cap and trade and carbon trading will get embroiled in partisan politics without any meaningful solution.

Vermont will elect a Democrat as governor.


Economic recovery will continue slowly, however, unemployment will significantly lag. More job creation incentives will be created.

Consumer Electric vehicles will hit the market with higher efficiency hybrids also becoming available, however, gasoline prices will remain below $4/gallon and that will make electric cars a niche market.

New incentives for renewable energy sources will be the fastest growing job creation sector.

Unemployment will reach 12% nationally before it starts to decline.

Chrysler will close its doors.


Apple stock will hit $300/share.

Apple will introduce a “game changing” tablet computer.

Apple will post record revenues and profits.

Steve Jobs will retire from Apple, Tim Cook will be named CEO while Steve becomes Chairman of the Board.

Apple will introduce an iPhone nano, basically adding cell phone functions to the iPod nano.

Apple will make remarkable gains in overall market-share for computers.

Small Dog Electronics

Small Dog Electronics will finally open its next store!

Small Dog Electronics eWaste event will again collect over 150 tons of eWaste.

Small Dog Electronics will add several products to the Chill Pill Audio and Hammerhead product lines.

Small Dog will finally be authorized to sell the iPhone.


There will be scientifically confirmed evidence of extra-terrestrial life.

There will be a bunch of new stunning 3D movies, 3D television will be the next home entertainment product.

Cell phones and other portable devices will become mobile payment devices.


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