If you enjoy running, biking, or snowboarding, you’ve probably brought along your iPod to keep the energy flowing and have realized that reaching into your pockets to fumble with your iPod to change songs can be tricky (not to mention dangerous).

The Quiver aims to eliminate this hassle, sporting a simple yet ingenious design that allows you full control of your iPod or iPhone while keeping the headphone wires under control and your iPod safely tucked away. The design is reminiscent of an arrow quiver used by archers (hence the name) and is worn across the torso, similar to how you would wear a messenger bag. The material is stretchable and
water-repellent, so it remains comfortable and will get you through virtually anything Mother Nature can throw your way.

Right on the front and in easy access in a line of five buttons that make up the Quiver’s “inSound” control system—allowing you to play and pause your music, answer a call on your iPhone, skip tracks, and raise/lower the volume. These controls are enabled by plugging your device into the dock connector in the Quiver’s main pocket.

Headphone management is the other area where the Quiver shines. No one likes to deal with tangled, dangling wires, especially in the middle of activity. The Quiver allows you to feed your headphone cord through the fabric and to the pocket where your iPod sits. This allows enough cord to comfortably and safely wear your favorite headphones without getting them tangled in a tree branch or other obstacle.

Once you have your headphones and iPod in place, adjust the Quiver to fit against your body snugly, and you’re off! Perfect to make the most of a long winter or to motivate you to keep that new year’s resolution to stay active!

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