This week I was having issues with my little Mimobot 2GB flash drive. I had a some documents saved on my flash drive (not totaling more than about 62MB worth of space); however, my flash drive was telling me I only had 775MB free, which wasn’t possible.

I had deleted some documents off of the flash drive—and had emptied my trash—so I knew I deleted everything! I was trying to load about 20 songs onto it, but they would just not load. Getting frustrated, as I needed iTunes to jam out to at work, I decided to pull up Disk Utility (found under Applications > Utilities Folder).

I decided I would just erase the drive and start fresh, as I had everything saved on my personal machine. I selected my little flash drive “2.0 GB Mimobot Media” on the left hand side, and then clicked the “Partition” tab.

From there, I selected “1 Partition” under the “Volume Scheme” (I chose to partition it because sometimes I use my flash drive to show customers on PCs how they can transfer things from their Mac—it’s formated in MS-DOS (FAT) which is read by both the PC and the Mac). Then I hit “Apply”; it took about 35 seconds and my drive was erased. All of a sudden I had 2.1GB! I went ahead and reformatted all my flash drives and got all my gigs back!

Personally, I will do a flash drive “clean up” about once every three months just to make sure I am getting the maximum space possible.


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