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Raul DeArriz
Government Solutions

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I am a happy father of 2 boys ( Max And Ari ) and 17 dogs ( latest Jax) ! who has been engineering and selling Mac solutions since 1984 ( 1st Mac ) At the time I started the first Mac Only emporium in the east , MacCorner , in Rockville MD ( DC Area ) in late 1985. At its busiest Mac Corner employed 35- 40 Mac fanatics engaged in making people’s life better through this new technologies and vision.

After Being in Mac retail and Corporate work for 6 Years I wanted to spend more time with my new family - so I closed the MacCorner store and started MCIS. ( Mac Corporate Integration & sServices)

I started small in a Direct Sales and Services model with only 2 People! That was a gutsy change. We dealt only with Business and Government on an outbound / appointment Basis.

We and my team I did so for 12 years , becoming one of the most successful Apple Specialists in the Baltimore-Washington-Virginia Areas in the process. And we did so without a Retail or Inbound service.

In 2003 we moved, we Leased a Bank Building with strong retail and Corporate presence , and Introduced ABSOLUTE MAC. We quickly became the #1 Retail Specialist in the BWVA area.

The wind on your back sometimes goes away; by 2010 iII had to deal with a life threatening illness , and sold the company, to concentrate on tainge care of my family and Myself. I was out of commission for a while. but soon yearned to get back into Mac Solutions, something that I loved.

I need to partner with the best. Of all of the people and companies who had impressed me over the years , as a I ran an Apple Specialist, the name Small Dog Electronics came up often from many quarters. The company had a reputation of can do, knowledge and friendliness, and of care for the community.

And They had Dogs!

They were amongst the top 5 independent specialists in the nation, but lacked the craziness and malaise of the big city based companies out there.

I came to meet them at the end of 2011, and after a few we all realized and the shoe fit well on both sides;

The rest is history.

I helped developed their government and institutional side, and it has done quite well. We became one of the first handful of Apple Authorized Government Reseller (an Apple program that started in 2013 ) and Small Dog has remained a leader in the program since the beginning. We have thousands of Federal customers spread over the 50 states, territories and protectorates. We have also developed a State , Local, and Education ( SLED) effort , and it has ben quite successful as well.

You should know I could not have organized 10% of this without the excellent core of support [\ that is the SmallDog team. The fellowship, clarity, straight talks, the effort for the client , and care for each other at Small Dog accompanies our every daily effort.

I am quite looking forward to the near and long term future. We will consolidate to a new Headquarters this fall accessible to all our local Burlington Customers. In doings so we are becoming and even more cohesive and fast performance team.

The wind on our backs can be clearly felt.

Where others have stumbled, we succeed thanks to you. Our a great foundation is made of people that care about you, and your ability to get things accomplished , as much as they care about each other. and the job ay hand. It is a fun place to work at and it shows!

I always tell my two boys ;
“ - Do something tea you Love and are good at - you will work hard and hardly notice!
- never compromise you core values, for they guide you in your every inter-action.
- never Give up, never surrender because
- if you think, there is a solution for everything ."

These commonality of ideas is what called me to Small Dog to me when I joined them . It is what keeps me happily working for you every day of the week.

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