I’m working on convincing Hapy to stock more of the Ogio products. I’ve been a fan of Ogio ever since my buddy (and stock broker) Larz Barber turned me on to their products.

I’ve used a JackPack ever since. The construction is first class with lots of pockets. The easy access to any compartment with zipper openings is an added feature.

I got our contact at Ogio to send me a bunch of samples and I have switched to their “Manipulator” which is a large bag but has some neat features like a fleece-lined iPod pocket with earphone port, cell phone pocket, airplane ticket pocket, etc.

All Ogio bags are warrantied for 31 years. We don’t know why they chose 31 years but that has to be longer than you’ll want to keep a bag!

Have you used an Ogio bag? Do you like it?


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