Lately I’ve been getting a fair amount of emails from Small Dog newsletter subscribers saying they are getting not just one or two newsletters at a time, but some get THREE of the same edition!

Typically I would delete the email address from the database and then try re-subscribing as that used to do the trick. Though given the increase of subscribers saying they’re getting multiples, I decided to speak with our web developers and see what needs to be done.

What the developers have told me is that they need to have those duplicated emails sent to them. HOWEVER, they need to receive the email with a “long header”.

Don’t know what that looks like? Here’s a screen grab:

To get the email to appear with the long header, go to the toolbar in your email program:

  • Go to View Menu
  • Scroll to Message
  • Choose Long Headers

Once you see the long header, forward the email(s) to:

I will continue to delete & resubscribe individuals who emails me they’re having a problem but please do forward the emails with the long headers so they can be passed onto the web developers for close examination.

When we come up with the reason why there’s been duplications, I will write another article and blog. Until then, we appreciate your patience while we work to sort out why some newsletter subscribers are getting duplicates or triplicates of the Small Dog newsletters.


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