This little device and it collection of tips is quite a space saver. It includes a retractable USB cable with a splitter on one end which has a USB port on one end, and a power port on the other. You can connect all sorts of tips to the connector to provide power to your mobile phone or Treo device, and the USB port can be used as a normal USB cable, or with the included dock adapter you can synch or charge your ipod. No more need to cart your phone and ipod power adapter with you on your trip! Or buy one for your office machine to charge your phone at work. They range in price from $29.95 to $37 depending upon which phone you need to charge. If you have multiple phones you want to charge, the tips are sold separately, but you need to call Small Dog to get them special ordered, as we only have the kits right now.

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Sony Ericsson


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