First, a brief introduction. My name is Greg. I’m one of three warehouse guys here at Small Dog Electronics. My role here is primarily inventory management. I help receive, stock, pick, pack, ship, count and search the building for the products (you) our wonderful customers order. Inventory is my career. Tech toys are one of my hobbies. My goal with these entries will be to provide some insight to the some of the low-tech items we sell here at Small Dog—sort of a practical view from the back of the (ware) house. Being on the back end of the tech wave, this happens to be my first blog. I hope you enjoy it.

I’m really enjoying the iPod craze that seems to be sweeping the world. I currently have a used 60gb iPod Photo and a refurbished 512mb Shuffle that I bought here at Small Dog. The 60gb pod has turned out to be very handy as both a portable MP3 player and as a mini hard drive to back up my music and photos on. The Shuffle is new for me and has turned out to be ultra portable. I wear it around my neck and use the earbuds under my ski hat. It’s been great for my commute to work and around the house when the chaos gets too much. Next will be to try it while I’m skating, skiing and then biking as soon as we clear mud season here in Vermont.

I’ve found that it is important to take good care of my pods. When it’s time to trade them in/up here at our trade-in program, I want to get top dollar for them. The two products that I have found the most practical and creative are the Apple iPod Socks for $29 and the ShuffleArt Shields by Mobile Juice for $5. Getting to play with a lot of the iPod accessories here in the warehouse, I’ve found that what works best is a good old (new and clean!) sock. It gives the same level of protection and you actually can avoid scratches and wear that other cases/skins can create. As a bonus, you get a free buff every time you take it out and put it away! Apple socks are nice and stylish. They come in a six-pack with with eye-catching colors like mango, raspberry, lime green and royal purple. I’m saving up for a pack but am currently using a third party product from a local sock maker (Cabot Hosiery Mills). The Shields for the Shuffles are another great product. They are thin stick on films with fun, creative looks like a pack of gum, gothic art or Hawaiian themes. Easy to apply and they do not leave a messy, gummy gu when you want to remove them and try a new look. These products are great if your tired of the boring, clean white laboratory color the iPods come in.

I gotta get back to work now. We just got a truckload of new toys in. 😉 Thanks for reading. Bye for now.

The Warehouse Guy


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