I bought my mother a Mac mini for christmas along with a LCD. I didn’t buy her a mouse or keyboard b/c I wanted her to pick out what she preferred. I’m particular about what mouse I use so it stood to reason my mother would probably have a preference as well.

This weekend we came to Small Dog’s showroom and looked at the keyboards and mouse. She found a mouse she really liked, (Logitech Click! Cordless Optical Mouse for $29), as it turns out, it’s the exact one she uses at work! However she couldn’t find a keyboard she liked; the principle reason being she was looking for one with larger printed letters.

Today I asked Hapy if he’d ever heard of keyboards with larger letters, unfortunately he had not. However, I’m not convinced that they don’t exist. SOOO, I’m putting a shout out to everyone to let me know if they know of a manufacturer that makes large print keyboards.

PLUS tell me if you think this is a product Small Dog should find and carry!


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