Ahh! What can be better than a Sunday drive after visiting the grandparents? I was headed home and listening to my iPod mini with the Griffin iTrip. Cruising along and listening to some good tunes I almost missed the blue lights flashing behind me but he didn’t miss me!

I pulled over and turned down the music and waited for the arrival of the man in uniform at my window. To my surprise, I was speeding. The little laser gun doesn’t lie! All the while, a good tune was playing the background. Yes, I was bummed waiting for the impending ticket to be handed to me but also feeling good listening to a good upbeat song on my iPod mini. I won’t say how fast I was going or how much the ticket was but let’s just say I could have bought quite a few new songs from the iTunes store! So the moral of the story is try not to speed! And don’t forget your iPod on your road trips! Music makes you happy and in this case it really did.

We offer a huge selection of iPods from the iPod nano to the iPod shuffle but if you are like me and partial to the now discontinued mini (It’s hard to let go of a good thing!) we have some of those too! And if you want to make sure you are able to play your tunes in the car we have numerous options to choose from ranging from our very own Small Dog CARTune to the Monster iCarPlay


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