We’re now three months into the Intel transition, and momentum is strong. Much of the interest in the new machines comes from PC users looking to switch to a safer, easier and more sophisticated platform – in other words, the Mac. Many of these people have read about Apple transitioning to the Intel chips in the New York Times, the Wall Street Journal, Time Magazine, and other traditional newspapers and magazines. Even though the Intel Macs won’t run Windows (yet), potential “switchers” seem reassured by the familiar presence of the Intel chips running under the strange new Mac OS. It’s great when “switchers” call – they tend to be a little apprehensive but very enthusiastic about migrating to the Mac.

We’re also getting many calls from long-time Apple users who want to know all about the transition to Intel – will their software work, is the speed gain for real, when will high-end Intel workstations be released.

The last group is people who’ve been waiting for a Mac Book Pro since Steve jobs announced the Intel transition last year – these are people who have been waiting half a year for this new equipment, and can’t wait to try it out.

Macrumors has little article that seems to back this up. They report that “70% of the stores have a waiting list of MacBook Pro customers,” and “Needham & Co analysts believe that Apple has positioned itself for “massive growth in its market share”.

This is great for everyone who uses a Mac – a greater market share can only mean more software titles, more user groups, more cool peripherals… sounds good to me!


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