In general I’m not one to buy the extended warranty programs on big ticket items (a stove, dishwasher), and had I not worked at Small Dog, I probably wouldn’t have purchased AppleCare for my PowerBook. However last year as the original 1-year warranty was coming up on its expiration, I decided because I planned on keeping my PowerBook for at least another couple years, I should buy AppleCare.

My experience with extended warranties is you pay a nice chunk of change for something you probably won’t end up using. For some perhaps they won’t bat an eye at dropping the cash, but it’s something I have a hard time doing. Sure it’s piece of mind but still, a couple hundred dollars? and that’s not that easy to part with when basically all I’m getting is a piece of paper. Well I’m here to tell you when it comes to computers, as hard as it might be, BUY THE WARRANTY!!

I bought additional RAM for my 1GHz PowerBook last Friday. Took it home to install, which went smoothly might I add, but when I turned the computer on, it made this one strange beep, and wouldn’t boot up. I took the new RAM out and put the original chips back in. Computer booted up fine. No worries, I’ll bring it to work on Monday and see what the guys can tell me.

As it turns out, the logic board needs to be replaced. The repair, if I DIDN’T have AppleCare, would cost over $400! So the rumors are true. One service repair on a PowerBook can easily surpass the cost of AppleCare.

What have we learned? AppleCare is money well-spent. Don’t wait and buy it as your warranty is getting ready to expire, BUY IT NOW!! Because if you forget and miss the date, you’ll be really sorry.


– You won’t be sorry you did! 😉


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