(Of course, it’s customary that you say that like Leeloo from The Fifth Element does)

Last week, Apple started offering a couple of television shows available under a “Multi-Pass” including two of my favorites on TV right now: The Daily Show with Jon Stewart and The Colbert Report !

For only $9.99 you get sixteen half-hour episodes of one of the shows… no commercials. At four episodes per week, that’s a month’s subscription.

Now, as I mentioned in New Mac mini: Apple’s Media Center or No? , I don’t have TV (cable, satellite, or even good old RF & VHF). But there are a few shows that I watch with friends and family that I wish I could watch regularly. These two shows are half of them!

Obviously, this makes me happy. Four days a week for the past week, I’ve been receiving an e-mail from the iTunes Music Store saying the previous night’s The Daily Show is ready for download. Within five minutes it’s on my hard drive and ready to watch… as many times as I want.

Now, these shows are hilarious and political in nature. The Daily Show and The Colbert Report (remember, it’s pronounced “The Colber Repor” people!) may not be for everyone, but yesterday Apple made another addition that will have even more people turning out their pockets (and I don’t mean just for the office pool): March Madness .

So, all you college basketball fans, you can now get a season’s pass to all the games and watch them where you want and when you want.

Don’t worry, they’re edited down a bit, so you won’t have to watch the lame parts. Unfortunately, you won’t get them until the next morning.


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