iChat is a great communication tool. It allows me to reach a co-worker who’s in a different part of Small Dog’s 2 buildings without physically having to go to them. From a work perspective, it saves me a lot of time.

Something else I enjoy about iChat is the use of the icons. I like seeing what my co-workers pick. Some are funny, some inspirational, some I just don’t get..! I personally never seem to find ones I really like, or when I resize the image you can never tell what the image is. Apple just simplied that for me today!

Any .Mac member can now download some distinctive icons to play with. You can use what you download as long as you like, but some of the sets are only available for a limited time. Until June 1, 2006 to be precise!

I’m using an “Illustrations” Yada Yada icon today, and when I go to lunch today I’ll switch to the “Status” lunch icon!

Want to know more about them? Click here!


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