So, our Mac mini Core Solo and Core Duo demos came in yesterday. They’ll be on display in our showroom soon (in fact, Berkey’s already trying to find something interesting to do with the Mac mini Core Solo).

Now, I’ve always been a die-hard Mac fan (yes, so much so that I have to “make fists with my feet” on the carpet after traveling by airplane… no wait, that’s a Die Hard fan) and have had very little interest in running Windows, let alone on a Mac. However, I do find great interest trying new operating systems (the demise of the BeOS left some scars) and the one thing that switcher customers always ask is how to run Windows on their Macs (usually that one key app).

Sure, you can run VirtualPC or a number of other emulators, but what about those customers who want to run AutoCAD or Half Life 2? Can they do it? We’ll soon find out, we’re going to be installing Windows XP Pro on our Mac mini Core Duo.

Currently, the Mac mini is repartitioned appropriately, and Mac OS X is being reinstalled. Next step (not NeXTstep… another scar from my past): to prepare our Windows XP Pro SP2 installation CD.

Want to try this yourself? Be sure to read through the information over at and see if you’re up for it, back up your data, and get ready to repartition and install a couple OSes.

In the meantime, I’ll post my progress here on Barkings.


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