Griffin Technology has updated their PowerMate Software to version 1.6.4, making it Universal and improving compatibility.

Naturally, I have to mention that the PowerMate (available in Silver or Black) is an excellent addition to an Intel Mac mini home entertainment system.

Sure, the Apple Remote which is included with the Mac mini is a great way to control it from the couch, but what if you just want to up the volume on your favorite song when you’re standing right there? Do you fumble for the remote or do you just give the PowerMate a quick turn? Same goes for mute: fumble with the remote or punch the PowerMate when the phone rings?

Obviously, Griffin’s not just about iPod accessories, they have quite a few other products, some of which are great additions to a home theater Mac mini such as their XPressCable optical cable so you can patch an Intel Mac mini (or AirPort Express, PowerMac G5, MacBook Pro, etc.) into a home theater audio system in all it’s pure, digital, goodness (surround sound and all).

[Source: The Unofficial Apple Weblog]

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