Are you feeling geeky? Wanna know exactly how much of your CPU you’re using or about how much memory is being used up? How about your hard drive stats!?

With the iStat Pro widget you can do all that a bit more! I’ve always been facinated with the status of my machine and just watching little graphs and numbers go up and down as I use and test out programs and see what type of effect they’ll have on my computer.

iStat Pro is a really neat widget that lets me see tons of information about the current state of my computer. There are some drawbacks though, if you don’t have a G5 machine some of the features won’t work like temperature monitoring and fan monitoring. This is because the older machines like my PowerMac g4 just didn’t get built with sensors to monitor this sort of thing.

Of course I can still see my CPU usage, RAM usage, my network status (IP address, amount of data transferred), my hard drive status (how full it is) and also my computer load and my uptime!

Download of iStat Pro is free!


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