I just recently started using Linux more then my PowerMac G4. Why? Because I have the ability to use multiple desktops and am able to switch between them quite easily. You might wonder why one would want more then one desktop or what is it means to have more then one desktop.

If you’re familiar with Fast User Switching in OS X you know when you switch from user to user you switch desktops. Well what if you wanted to have this ability but without having to change users. Say you wanted one desktop for instant messaging, one for Adobe Photoshop, one one for email and browsing the web and another one for iTunes. This is all possible through something called “virtual desktops”.

These “virtual desktops” can be used in OS X through the use of a third party program. There have actually been programs that allow you to do this for some time now, but I’ve not liked any of them for various reasons. I just found this new program called ‘Virtue’ today and while it’s still rough around the edges it’s really nice!

Virtue is a freeware program and I’ve provided the link at the end of this article. There is something I want to mention before you install it. This program comes bundled with another application called Smart Crash Reporter. Don’t install Crash. There’s a bunch of reasons of why not to on this website.

I also recommend having at least a G4 processer and at least 512MBs of RAM to run this. Now with all your extra desktops you can neatly open a ton more programs! You might also want a higher end video card to really experience the full load of eye candy that comes with this application.

Something I found to be really cool was the fact that you don’t have to go up to the little icon to change your desktop, you can assign “trigger keys” that when pressed will allow you to change your desktop! I have assigned Alt+Apple+the right key to move forward a desktop and Alt+Apple+the left key to move back a desktop!

Are you still completely confused about these virtual desktops? Then go ahead and try out Virtue!

Download @ Virtue’s home page


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