While surfing the net I found this article Wired is running. It talks about Apple’s operating systems from DOS to OS X and even includes screenshots of the operating systems.

Something interesting I found was if you look at the screenshot of Lisa you can see in the menu it shows the key commands to press for cutting, copying, pasting, etc…You’ll see a little apple icon instead of this weird loopy looking icon you see now in OS X. I think I would have preferred if they kept the little apple icon. It just looks better!

Wired even links to emulators so that if you feel like ‘living the Apple operating systems of the late 1970s upto the early 1990s’, you CAN! If you don’t feel like downloading an extra program, check out the System 7 emulator. It’s all web based so you can try out System 7 right from your web browser! If you go to ‘About this Mac’ from the Apple menu, you can see it has a whopping 4MBs of RAM!


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