I don’t know how many of you out there like to play computer games, but I do from time to time. One game that I have enjoyed and that works on PC and Mac is WarCraft. From the original WarCraft which came out in 1994 to the more recent, World of WarCraft, this game series is so much fun!

World of WarCraft is notably one of the most addicting games to date. I just bought this game myself a couple weeks ago, and when I start playing it I spend at least 4-5 hours with it. The game just captures you and really makes you feel like you’re part of the world. Being an online game you can communitcate in real-time with other people playing the game.

Something that really makes this game fun besides being able to communicate with other people live, is the fact that you can work together with these people to complete quests and build up your characters stats.

When you start the game, you’re able to choose from 9 different races of characters. The variety in this game is a plus. From those 9 races, you can even further specialize your character by choosing a profession for him/her. Some classes can even have ‘pets’ which can help you in battles! I have a little tiger as my sidekick!!

You might think that all games must have an ending. Well World of WarCraft sort of does. What I mean by that is yes, you can get your character to level 60 which is currently the highest, but there are always items and other things to collect. The game designers are always adding in new quests, and there is an expansion pack slated for a late summer or fall release of this year! This expansion pack is going to allow you to level your character up to level 70 and adds tons of new quests and places to explore. A game like World of WarCraft doesn’t really end…

While everything sounds good, there are some things I don’t like about this game. The number one reason is the fact that after you spend $50 or so, you then need to pay a $15 monthly subscription fee to play online. Since this is an online-only game, there’s no getting around it. I have already cancelled my re-occuring fee and in another couple weeks, I’ll be done playing this game. The next thing I don’t like but am starting to get used is, how big the ‘world’ of WarCraft is. This game is HUGE! It can be very confusing and you sort of feel lost at times. I am a gamer who likes to have a set of things to do and I like to have linear gameplay. World of WarCraft has it, but it’s not ‘set in stone’. World of WarCraft is more like you have a giant world and you need to find various people throughout the world so they can give you quests and missions to complete. Other then these couple of things, World of WarCraft is an amazing game.

If you’ve ever thought about trying World of WarCraft, you should. I have always been sceptical about trying it and I think my decision to play it was a good one. When you buy the game you get a free 30 day trial, and if you don’t like it after that, just cancel your subscription. Be careful, this game is addicting!

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