is a website that teams up with software developers to offer either free software or software at a very discounted price. I’ve used this website in the past and I won a full version copy of Menuet. Trust me, it’s GOOD software they offer.

Today they’ve teamed up with the guys who brought us AppZapper, but this time it’s for the brand new version. AppZapper is a piece of software that allows you to quicky and easily removes a program and all files (preferences and such) from your system.

This is the interesting part, they want to offer this software 100% free, but in order to do that they want at least 259 people to blog about it. For every post they will take $0.05 off the price. As I write this I think about 100 people have done a blog posting, so if you know any bloggers or blog yourself, blog about this!!

There’s more information available via MacZot’s website!

NOTE: This offer expires at 11:59 PST on April 03, 2006 Quick start blogging!


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