I am not sure how many of you remember the game Bugdom which came installed with your new iMac G3 (the colored iMacs!). I know that I would sneck away from some classes in middle school just to play that game. I was usually dragged away by the teacher who’s class I was skipping out on, but hey it was a fun game!

Bugdom 2 continues with large colorful worlds and vibrant graphics. This game really can be for all ages even the young ones. You simply collect things throughout the levels like pieces of fruit or you help other characters in the game collect items they have misplaced or need. Each world is divided into sections so that collecting items is done in a smaller area rather then then entire map making it more enjoyable. Just imagine hunting for an acorn over a large map!!

The controls in the game take a little getting used to. You can use either the keyboard of the mouse to move your character. I went with the keyboard because it felt more solid, the mouse just seemed to sensitive for my tastes.

You can download a free demo version and then if you like the game you can purchase a serial from Pangea Software’s website and input that in to your demo to unlock the full version. It appears that you will need OS X Tiger to play either the emo or the full version, but if you’re looking for just a fun filled adventure game, try the demo! Also to note, Bugdom 2 is a Universal Binary so you can enjoy this game on your Intel Apple machines!

Download Bugdom 2 demo


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