We at Small Dog often find ourselves too used to Macs as we don’t use anything but (well, except for the poor guys in shipping who have to labor over elderly PCs running the UPS and DHL software… but they have G5’s to play with the rest of the time). Occasionally a new hire will come from a Windows background and we get to watch them discover the Mac for the first time (or again), but that’s not very often.

Well, today I was pointed in the direction of My Journey to Macintosh, a relatively new blog by an anonymous Windows switcher. They’ve already covered the likes of Web browsers, IM (Instant Messaging) clients, Blog posting software, the ease of PDF on Mac OS X, and the pains of PHP & MySQL.

A good read and one I’d suggest checking back on. It’s always good to see a fresh perspective on things, so let’s welcome our anonymous brethren.

[Source: The Unofficial Apple Blog]

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