Anyone who works at Small Dog Electronics is empowered to create product specials, which we call “wags.” I wanted to make a wag for the plethora of excellent 1.67 GHz refurb Powerbooks we have. My target price was $1969.00, in honor of the year. In 1969:

Led Zeppelin released their first album – January 12
Vietnam War- very first U.S. troop withdrawals are made – July 8
First man on the moon – July 20
The Woodstock Festival of music in upstate New York – August 15
The first ATM in the United States is installed – September 2
The first CCD (used in every digital camera and camcorder) is invented at Bell Labs – October 17
The first ARPANET link is established which was the progenitor of the global Internet – November 21

Also, in 1969, UNIX was developed & improved by Ken Thompson. At that time, it was called UNICS. OS X is, of course, built on UNIX.

So, back to my WAG. For $1969 you get a 15” G4/1.67GHz
PowerBook, with 512 MB of RAM, 80 GB hard drive, Superdrive, with an additional gigabyte of RAM, with Applecare and Mac Case Messenger Bag w/ Sleeve! See it here:


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