After all of Morgan’s hard work, Apple has gone and released a program called Boot Camp. Boot Camp allows you to install Windows XP on your Intel Mac without having to scrounge around on the internet looking for drivers and such. Some of the drivers Apple includes are ones that allow for graphics, networking, audio, AirPort wireless, Bluetooth, the Eject key (on Apple keyboards), and brightness control for built-in displays.

Boot Camp is essentially going to get a lot of developers ready for OS X 10.5 Leopard and even more-so help the people who are transitioning from Windows to Mac.

Boot Camp is an open beta so anyone can go right to the Boot Camp website and download the software for free. You will also need a purchased copy of Windows XP Home or Pro Editions, and the latest update to OS X Tiger, 10.4.6. There is a guide that comes with the application and you’ll probably want to read it before proceeding to install Windows with Boot Camp.

If I get the chance to do this I will post my results.

Boot Camp web page


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