A friendly, “you need a new shirt,” iChat from Ed reminded me that I hadn’t checked my Daring Fireball feed today. As of yesterday, John Gruber has two new t-shirts designs for sale. I’ve had his original t-shirt since his first membership drive, nearly two years ago.

I had already been reading his blog for a while and have always very impressed with the depth of his well written articles as well as his understanding of the industry the motivations that drive it. Every article, although longer than people are likely used to from a blog these days, is a joy to read and very informative. It’s a magazine of its own.

He had another surprise for us today: he has decided to go full-time with his blog. Although his original membership drive was his way of testing the water, he has decided that being a full-time employee of Daring Fireball (and be able sustain his family) will require jumping right in and just doing it.

For better or worse, we’re getting more Daring Fireball. Trust me, it’s for the better! I highly suggest that you all go read some of his articles, subscribe to his feeds, and if you like what you see please get yourself a membership!

Best of luck from many of us at Small Dog, John!


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