I’ve been a trackball user most of my computing life. I never liked mice. Too much movement required and not particularly ergonomic. That all changed when I received an Apple Mighty Mouse as a gift.

I figured that since it was a gift, I had to use it. Well I plugged it into my G5 about 6 months ago fully expecting that I was going to quickly revert to the Logitech Trackball but hey, the mighty mouse is still here and I love it!

I think that the scrolling trackpad on my PowerBook and MacBook Pro might have something to do with my conversion. While the trackball had a scroll wheel it was not very smooth and I never used it. The scroll ball on the top of Apple’s Mighty Mouse is perfect, smooth as can be and makes scrolling easy.

The Mighty Mouse looks like your normal everyday Apple mouse and works great as a single button mouse but hidden is the “mighty” part! You can programn any of the 4 clicking actions to be primary button, secondary button or to activate Dashboard, Exposé, Spotlight or to activate any other application.

My only complaint with the Mighty Mouse is the cord. I want a BlueTooth Mighty Mouse!


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