To make this list the product either needs to be free, below $50 or be such an incredible value that it makes sense to mention.

1. Firefox
IMHO this is the best browser available. I’m not alone as our web traffic over at shows that about 40% of the visitors are using Firefox. What makes Firefox better than Safari? It plays much better with some of the Web 2.0 sites that I use on a regular basis and with extensions such as the Google Toolbar, it is immensely more expandable. Firefox is free.

2. Quicksilver
The ultimate in controlling your Mac. People either love this application or they just don’t get it. I happen to love it. One of the best sites that I’ve found for making Quicksilver more functional is the 43folders blog. The second link goes directly to a post regarding training yourself to use Quicksilver.

4. Small Dog Electronics’ ClickCase

If you have an iPod nano or current iPod that runs video, this is one of the best value in cases on the market. It is made of good quality leather (the kind of leather that feels substantial), provides access to all the controls including the docking port and protects the screen with a click cover. Priced at $19 for nano or $27.50 for the iPod, it blows the doors off of Apple’s leather case.

5. Rebate on Xerox Phaser 8500N and 8500DN
The $300 mail-in rebate that is being offered for one of my favorite printers is what helps this printer make the list. This basically discounts the final price of the printer by 35%.

6. The latest web offerings by 37signals
Basecamp, Backpack, Campfire, Ta-Da Lists and Writeboard by 37signals allow you to collaborate via the web in a manner that was only a dream a few years ago. Each web-app has a free component and are priced in such a manner as to allow for scalability. I’ve integrated some of these web-apps into my daily routine and can’t say enough cool things about them.

7. Just about every digital camera under $300
Digital cameras have substantially dropped in price in the last year or so. The quality of the low priced cameras are so good now that they will work great for just about every one. The camera that I purchased 4 years ago for $350 can’t compare to those currently in the $150 price range. If my out-of-date camera didn’t work so well, I would upgrade to a less expensive model! If mine is fabulous, just think how great these new cameras are!

Well, I pretty quickly reached my seven non-Apple values and could really keep going. Things I might mention would be a Voice Over IP solution like (which I love) or Skype, Google Earth (as well as Google and all its add ons), Apache Web Server, PHP and MySQL, NetNewsWire, and so on! If there’s a product that you think should have been on the list, let us know by posting a comment!


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