Here at Small Dog, we have our obvious tech geeks. But some of us, and we know who we are, are also scifi/fantasy/comic geeks as well. So, with the impending release of the third X-Men movie , those of us who fondly remember reading the comics when they first came out now have a new resource for our obsessions. GIT 40 Years of Marvel X-Men DVD-Rom is a pretty comprehensive collection, including every page of every issue from X-Men #1, from September 1963 through X-Men #461, August 2005, as well as 18 annuals and special editions.

It certainly brought back memories for me of the first issue I ever read, X-Men #119, as a twelve year old. Now, I can also catch up on all of the issues I missed since I stopped seriously collecting them in the mid 90’s. I can’t wait to curl up with my powerbook, and just have a complete X-Fest!!!

GIT 40 Years of Marvel X-Men DVD-Rom

Also available:

GIT 44 years of Marvel Fantastic 4 DVD-ROM

GIT 40 years of Marvel Avengers DVD-ROM

All DVD-ROMs are Mac and PC compatible


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