Have you seen any of the new Get Mac ads by Apple? Last night I saw the “Viruses” ad. I thought it was hysterical!

I thought the play on Viruses was ingenious, especially since I just got over a very bad case of the influenza virus (the flu) about a week ago. Having worked on a Windows machine (years ago) and experienced Windows crashing, and then having the flu so bad I was out of it (crashed) for a good 4 days, I thought the reference to “crashing” was brillant.

I feel like this ad was more respectful than someone just saying Windows Suck, Macs Rock. They’ve taken a legimate issue with the Windows platform and turned it into a non-personal entity. What I find worth noting is personification of a PC and a Mac.

The PC is a traditional businessman dressed in a 3-piece suit. He seems uncomfortable with change and leery of what he doesn’t know.

The Mac is a younger man, in casual clothes and appears to be very comfortable with himself and his knowledge. Things being different don’t phase him.

Mind you this is my interpretation so you might see it differently.

To see the ads click this link, and then tell me what you think about the ads.


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