Well, I’ve just placed an order for a Mac Mini Core Duo. I’m going to use it as a home media server. By media, I mean home video, commercial video, music, photos, Podcasts, webstreams, and more.

I decided on the more expensive Core Duo, as I’ve read that the Core Solo is not quite fast enough to handle full-frame high def video. The Core Solo is ideal as a really nice desktop computer, while the Core Duo is best as a media server.

Along with the Mac Mini, I’m using a LaCie 250gb 7200RPM FireWire mini HD. See this here:

LaCie 250gb 7200RPM mini Firewire Hard Drive

The Mac Mini will also be connected to my new, excellent Audio Engine speakers, and to my TV via DVI. We’re going to have a “Lost” party on Wenesday night, so I hope it’s all set up by then. I’ll let you know how it goes!


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