Continuing our coverage of WWDC:

Apple has officially announced the sessions for this year’s World Wide Developer Conference. They’ve got presentation, hands-on, lab, and feedback sessions covering topics in the following four tracks:

What is WWDC? Their first paragraph says it best:

“The Apple Worldwide Developers Conference is your chance to dive deep into a full range of the Mac OS X technologies, including preview coverage of Mac OS X Leopard.”

Whether your a developer, an IT professional, a media professional, a hobbyist, or a Mac geek who wants to know it all, there’s going to be something there for you. And the best part of WWDC and the Macworld expos is the human networking that goes on. It’s often the gathering of the brightest Apple and Macintosh technology minds in the world.

What was that bit about Leopard though? Well, they’re not letting on much more about what we’ll see of Leopard other than that they’ll show it off and hopefully let people play with it a bit.

Knowing Apple and Steve Jobs, they’ll put on a good show, so go get your WWDC ticket.


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