I found this really neat program while surfing one of my favorite Apple blogs. It’s called Mugshot and it allows you to browse through your Flickr photostream and any photosets you’ve created. You can also see your contacts photos and photos in any groups you belong to.

I myself have about 1000 photos in my photostream, so it did take about 10 minutes or so to download all the photos into Mugshot. Once they were downloaded I could view every photo I have uploaded to Flickr and see when I took the photo, when I uploaded the photo to Flickr and the tags I assigned to the photo.

If you want to see more versions of any photo, all you need to do is double click on it, and your web browser will open to the appropriate photo page on Flickr.

If I could improve this application I would add some editing abillities such as the ability to add/remove more tags, change the name of the photo and the description right from within Mugshot. It would also be nice if I could get the HTML code for a picture and the various sizes of the photo Flickr offers. That way I could copy and paste the code and display the images on my website with ease. Just some ideas!!

Mugshot is a free piece of software and a very good one at that. I hope they continue developement on this! Download it here!


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