Small Dog received their second shipment of MacBooks today, and I was one of the lucky recipients of the $1,099 white MacBooks. Before I even got a chance to look at it, when I was pulling it out of the box, it felt much thinner and a little heavier than I thought. I’m converting from an old G3 white iBook just in time to head to college, and I’m so glad I made the decision to get a MacBook.

One of the things I’m most excited about is having Tiger (OS 10.4) on my personal computer. I love having it here on my work computer and use things like Dashboard and Spotlight quite often. Another feature I am going to use a lot is Front Row. I’ve never gotten to play with it until now but it looks very useful, with iTunes, iPhoto, iMovie, and DVD Player. The built-in iSight is really neat too. It was a little weird to have a big live picture of me on my screen! iLife ‘06 comes standard on these machines as does a 30-day trial of Office Mac 2004, so there are many useful applications on top of the ones that already come standard on every Mac.

The design of the MacBook is very sleek and similar to the G4 iBook. It has a 13” screen as opposed to either the 12” or 14” G4 iBook. The design is also a little slimmer than the G4. The keyboard is pretty neat with keys that are all separate. Now all I need is an iSkin to keep the pet hair out! The trackpad is much larger and I’ve heard you can do multiple things with it! I haven’t played with that feature yet. One of my favorite features, design-wise, is the magnetic power cord. I’ll admit I tripped over my old power cord and broke it and had to not only buy a new power adapter, but also have a piece taken out of my computer’s AC port. This way, if I have a clumsy moment, it won’t mean a costly repair.

I’m excited to play with all the new features of this computer and I’m glad I made the purchase!

To link to our new MacBooks, click on one of the links below. The MacBooks have been mentioned in previous posts and links were given there, but I’ll give them again here:

See our MacBooks here!


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