Searchlight is a program for people who have enjoyed the power of Spotlight (included in OS X Tiger) but want to take it to a network server level.

Searchlight is probably something a OS X Tiger server administrator could implement into their server and it’ll allow them and their clients to quickly search through all the files kept on the server. Clients can search through these files via a web browser interface. The administrator can choose what files should be searched so you will have control over that which is nice, because you might not want clients to be looking at specific files and documents. Users can download the files their searching for through the web browser, and not only can Mac users take advantage of this application but so can Windows users.

One really cool feature about Searchlight is that it uses RSS. When Searchlight is running it’ll watch your files for any changes. Each time a change is made it gets recorded to an RSS feed which you can watch in any RSS readers.

CASE Apps has a demo which can be downloaded for free from their website or you can purchase this piece of software from them. You can also visit thier website to get more information about this nifty application!


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