As someone who is constantly browsing the web and using a web browser at least 15 of the 24 hours in a day, I need a really good web browser. Most of us OS X users should be familiar with Safari which is the web browser that comes built-into the OS X system, but you might be aware of this semi-new, free, open source browser called Mozilla FireFox.

Mozilla has been busy putting together various projects that let people know about how wonderful their FireFox web browser is. One of these projects is FireFox Flicks.

FireFox Flicks lets users submit movies they’ve created that portrays features that are in FireFox or some of them go as far as to make fun of other browsers! Overall most of the videos are funny although there are a couple in there that really go above and beyond, like this one. Mind you a teenager created that…stop me if I am wrong but that’s like Pixar quality, he’s got some talent!

Check out more videos here and download my favorite web browser, Mozilla FireFox!


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