For those of you who like to customize your working environment then Mac Pilot is something you really want to have a look at. This application customizes everything you can think of and then some. There are even things in there you can change and work with that I didn’t know could be changed and tweaked.

One of the coolest “hidden features” that Mac pilot can enable is the ‘Cut’ option in Finder. Ever since I started using Mac OS X I’ve been missing the ‘Cut’ option and have had to work with ‘Copy & Pasting’. Now I can more easily move files using the ‘Cut’ option.

Mac Pilot can also optimize your network for broadband connectivity, customize Apple File Sharing, can perform system maintenance, disables menu items for added security, change start-up options, turn off system animations, prevent the dock from being modified, disables secondary processors, change the log-in window picture, erase recently used files, and even disable the start-up chime. While this is a pretty good list of things Mac pilot can do, this application can do even more. You really need to download and check it out to see everything it offers.

There are just so many different things you can change within the OS X system. A lot of these changes can either make working within the OS X environment easier but also it’s just nice to add these little customizations. It improves the wonderful, already existing functionality in Mac OS X.

Mac Pilot is shareware but you can download a free 15 day limitless version.


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